Winning Strategies

Biblical principles unveiled by Pastor Colin, designed to help you successfully fight and win your everyday battles. Successful people have been using these winning strategies for years, and now you can learn to apply them in your fight against the enemy.

Pastor Colin

Pastor • Teacher • Counselor

Joseph Colin Wilson is an anointed preacher who uses a dynamic style of delivery to minister the Word of God. His strict adherence to biblical interpretation has led to a successful pastoral career.

He served as the senior pastor of Fruits of Calvary (AOG) Church in Linden, Guyana from 1993 to 1999, and as senior pastor of United Vision of Truth Ministries in Toronto from 2006 to 2012.

His passion, anointing, and experience as a pastor, and expositor of the Bible has given him the unique advantage of communicating and effecting change. The Gospel of Christ is the power that executes that change.

Pastor Colin believes in winning, and his strategies have helped to change the lives of many individuals, families, and groups. He can help you too.



Pastor Colin has a shepherd’s heart. He understands the needs of the human soul, and he’s eager to offer help. His extensive knowledge in the areas of Discipleship and Soul Care has made him an effective Pastor. Contact him if you need emotional, spiritual, or practical support.



Joseph “Colin” Wilson is a gifted teacher. His teachings are designed to impart knowledge, empower people, and to set the stage for repeated success. The key topics covered throughout his teachings are Spiritual Growth and Development, Leadership Strategies, Communication Skills, and Warfare Principles.



Whether it is in the areas of Marital or Family Counseling, every effort is made to support the Spiritual advancement and healing process of the person or total individuals involved. Pastor Colin is trained to be empathetic, make assessments, and he knows how to offer relevant help to those who seek it.

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