Helping you to know the Will of God for Your Life

God’s plan for your life is amazingly masterful. Jeremiah 29:11 describes the plan as one to prosper you. This plan will also give you hope and a great future. Hi, I am Joseph Colin Wilson, a preacher, teacher, and inspirational speaker with a passion for success. As a pastor and counselor, I successfully help people discover their purpose in life and lead them through the process of understanding that plan.


Pastor Colin has a shepherd’s heart. He understands the needs of the human soul, and he’s eager to offer his extensive knowledge in the areas of Discipleship and Soul Care, which has made him an effective Pastor and Counselor, to those who need it. Whether it is in the areas of Marital or Family Counseling, every effort is made to support the Spiritual advancement and healing process of the person or total individuals involved.

Servant of God

Called of God, and ordained to the ministry, I am separated to the cause.

A Servant of God

As a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, I am obligated to both teach and preach the Word of God. It is also my sacred duty to perform such ecclesiastical functions that provide spiritual guidance to the community.

An Inspirational Voice

Everybody is trying to tell you, “You Can Do It.” You don’t need motivation from them. The truth is, only you know what you want in life. You need to pursue your dreams and your purpose – not their ideas.

Inspired Man
Broken Man

Mending. Broken. Relationships.

Relationships are fragile. Hurts, abuse, and mental struggles all contribute to the deep pains we carry on the inside. No one needs to settle for unwanted pain. There is hope for the hopeless, and help for the helpless.


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